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Web-Platform for Multibody Simulation in Cloud

Web UI for Multibody Simulation in Cloud

  • No installation needed sign up and build a Multi-body model in your browser

  • Work from anywhere all you need is internet connection

  • Cloud based start your simulation in cloud directly from your computer

  • Data security  we manage the data and perform simulation on Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers in Germany

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The Web UI is a part of the Platform for Multibody Dynamics Simulation in Cloud

Our technology is based on an Open Source Multi-physics Simulation Engine

Multibody Dynamics

The main features of the Multibody User Interface

  • Online model generation – no software installation needed

  • Support of the most popular Multibody Elements

    • Bodies and markers
    • Several links types like ball, revolute, velocity etc.
    • Geometrical primitives
    • Spring-damper forces
    • Time-dependent external forces
    • Symbolical functions for the definition of external forces and velocity links
    • Integrator settings
  • Support of CAD Geometry – load the CAD Geometry to simplify the model set up

  • 3D Visualization of Model

    • CAD Geometry and geometrical primitives
    • Coordinate systems of bodies and markers
  • Download of models in JSON Format

  • Upload of models in JSON Format

  • Post-processing of simulation results

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We implemented lots of unit and integration tests  to verify ongoing correctness, quality and performance of the Multibody Dynamics Simulation Platform and all its modules


Engine Chrono has been validated against experimental data, analytical results and commercial software

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